Thursday, February 8, 2007

Planning the Perfect Murder Event

Booksignings are just what they are. Book signings. You sit, you stand, you smile and you pretty much just do what you’re there for. Sign books.

Sure you get a chance to network and you get a chance to talk face to face with readers, but when you’re a murder or mystery type of gal, you really don’t want just the plain old book signing.

So in lieu of my upcoming release in 2008 of my second serial murder that takes place in Detroit, I plan to host the Perfect Murder party where the guest come in and figure out a murder. What better way to find your readers than to invite them to a party their dying to get to. (Yes, that was a pun.)

Murder parties are great ways to get your guest in and have fun. The winner of course gets a bag of books and promotional items, while everyone else had bought a book by me.

I’m so excited as I plan the murder out.

So tell me what’s your Perfect Murder Event? Have you been to one? What were the good things about it and what were the bad things about it?

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