Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blog Post: Getting Opposite Characters to Attract

Getting Opposites to Attract

Please take a moment to visit Red Rose Publishing Blog for my May 1st entry called Getting Opposites to attract.

It's my challenge in writing Tanner's Devil.

Many of you who made the journey with me are still around and I'd love for you to drop in and comment and support.

thanks so much!

Here's the start of the post

By Sylvia Hubbard

I look forward to all your comments and so forth about Tanner and Devlin's "adventure," and I look forward to giving Red Rose Publishing even more of the imaginative minds of Sylvia Hubbard. Look for Tanner's Devil coming soon to Red...

And don't forget, Tanner's Devil hits the shelves October 2009!

Would you like to see the video?

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