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[RESEARCH] Making Silencers Silent VIA Crime Fiction Collective

Crime Fiction Collective 

Making Silencers Silent

 A hit man just wouldn't be hit man without a silenced firearm. But, silencers (technically referred to as suppressors) affect only one aspect of sound. You see, in order to properly use a silencer in your writing you need to understand how sound works following the discharge of a gun. Sound is important evidence. Whether writing about a barking dog or a gunshot it's important for writers to understand how sounds will be heard by various characters. Sound is basically produced by disruptions in the air causing pressure waves. Modern firearms create two distinct sounds when fired.  

The first sound is created when the cartridge is fired. A modern cartridge is comprised of a casing which houses the powder and seats the bullet. On the bottom of the cartridge is the primer. This is a small disc in the center of the head stamp. When the firing pin strikes the primer it ignites the gunpowder in the cartridge and the pressure forces the bullet down the barrel. The gases produced by this small explosion are also forced down the barrel. This is the first source of sound produced from a gunshot.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Mayhem Feature: My Top 5 Excuses for Putting Off Writing My Book by Chris Lee @LifePathLLC!! From Frustration to Fulfillment #FF2F‬ #michlit #blogtour

Today we host, Chris Lee's From Frustration to Fulfillment Blog Tour as he speaks about his fear of coming out with his book. This is definitely part of the mayhem feature of our blog here at Michigan Murder and Mayhem!

My Top 5 Excuses for Putting Off Writing My Book by Chris Lee

1)  I don’t have time.

This was my favorite excuse.  I was able to overcome this
excuse by setting aside specific blocks of time to write.  I didn’t
always write for my book, and what I wrote was not always
good BUT on a weekly basis, I set aside a block of time for
writing.  One of my personal favorite times was early on Sunday
morning.  I’d get up around 6 a.m. and I’d have a quiet house for
at least two hours.  What’s your favorite time to write?

2)  My story isn’t compelling enough.

You may feel this way because you know your story and you
have lived your story, it’s “old-hat” for you. Exactly what is “old-
hat” anyway? Digressing…even if you’ve never been through
a near-death experience or life-changing event, it is still very
likely that you have a compelling or interesting story to tell.  What
are some of your favorite childhood memories?  What was high

school like for you?  Who was your favorite aunt or uncle?  Who
was your first true love?  There are lots of aspects of your life
that people may find interesting.

3)  I don’t have the money to get it published.

Just write and keep writing.  This is a very valid concern but not
a reason to put off the writing of your book.  Do your homework
in the form of research and join groups on Facebook and dedicated to supporting authors.  Motown Writer’s
Network is one of my favorites.  MWN has a monthly meetup
and always offers reasonably priced classes dealing with various
aspects or writing and publishing your book.

Vanity book publishers talk a good game, but most of what they
offer can be done at a much cheaper price if you’re willing to
do some legwork. and are good
resources for authors.

4)  Reliving the story will be too painful.

I found myself nearly in tears reliving parts of my accident while
writing the book.  The fact that there is pain present simply
means that there is still some emotional healing to be done.
You’re in luck! Writing the story will be very therapeutic for you.
Once I got past the fear of experiencing emotional discomfort,
I found the writing of my book to be a very healing experience.
The pain was only temporary.

5)  What if no one buys my book.

Attention! This is your ego talking.  Your ego is the main thing
that would be hurt in the very unlikely event that absolutely no
one buys your book.  Truth is, if you proceeded forward with a
half-cocked marketing plan you’d still sell some books.

The key is getting in front of people and connecting with them.
When I released my first audio book, most of my sales came
from people that met me and liked me.  They didn’t know what
was in the audio book, they just felt as if I was a likeable guy that
had something that may help them.  As far as a marketing plan,
Google is the greatest tool ever created, us it to the max.

On a sunny July morning a freak accident changed Chris Lee’s life forever.  In addition to physical injuries, Chris was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury. Years of alcohol abuse, poor eating habits and a newfound addiction to prescription pain-killers thwarted his recovery efforts. His days became filled with group therapy, prescription drugs and the red-tape hassle of an inefficient and inept healthcare system.    He felt hopelessly trapped until he discovered a positive approach to life that would shape and mold him into a better father, husband and person.
Chris gives the reader a brutally honest, soul bearing glimpse into the day-to-day recovery efforts of a brain injury survivor. Follow the author on his gripping journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance and ultimately self-love.  Learn how alternative health and energy therapy changed Chris Lee’s life and how he empowered himself to change his reality for the better.

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