Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Introduction and Shameless Plug

My name is Keith,
I write under the pen name D K Gaston. I am a new author with two novels being published in 2007. XII, a supernatural thriller in April and Lost Hours, a mystery thriller in November.

XIII is about a man who sold his soul to the devil for thirteen years of youth, fame and fortune. At the end of the term of the contract, Jason Peters goes on the run. The devil posing as a Los Angeles Bail Bondsman hires a bounty hunter (Avery Hudson) to go after Peters. Aided by a small town sheriff (Mary Jamison) the two has little time to find Peters before he becomes more beast than man. To make matters worse, a second bounty hunter is also after Peters and he's is not a man but a ruthless fallen angel.
This is not a novel filled with gore. It's more of a psychological thriller as Peters slowly transform into a monster. Avery is plagued by nightmares that will not go away until Peters is captured and Mary struggles to allow herself to feel again.
There's plenty of action, romance and suspense for everyone.
Available April 2007. Please visit my site at www.dkgaston.com to read or listen to the prologue.


Sylvia Hubbard said...

This really sounds interesting Keith.

Do you have what the hours is about?

jazzsoldier said...

Thanks for asking Sylvia.

Lost Hours is a mystery novel set in Detroit. It will be published in October 2007. Here's a blurb:

On Father’s Day, June 20, 1982. Joseph Valentine’s world was turned upside down as he watched police officers racing toward him. In his hand was a bloody butcher’s knife. On the floor beside him was his father’s lifeless body. Joe had no memory of what transpired in those past twelve hours.

Twenty-three years later, Joe changed his last name to Hooks, became a private detective and the memories of that fatal day continues to elude him. In conjunction with an estrange wife who is cheating on him with a colleague, a son who is running into trouble at a new school, and a bad drinking habit trying to resurface. Joe must discover the truth about his past.

Before he begins his investigation he must make amends with his brother and two sisters. As he delves into the old case, he discovers clues that were ignored by the original homicide detectives, a powerful music mogul is out to kill him, he is accused of murdering an ex-music promoter, and a mysterious stalker is threatening his family.

With everything seemingly going against him will Joe be able to uncover the truth about his past?


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