Sunday, November 18, 2018

How to approach writing a villain Protagonist?

How to write a hero when they are an anti-hero.

A question from Ryan Covert:
How about a Schrader-esque analysis/discussion on how to approach the writing of an anti-hero?
A villain as the story’s protagonist. Obviously this is more of an advanced screenwriting theory, as well as probably something that has better roots in independent cinema, but I’m about to tackle such a scenario and a few pointers, ideas, or advice would be great.
Good question, Ryan. Although the particulars would depend upon the genre of your story and whether the villain is somehow redeemed as a result of what happens in the story (Road to Perdition) or ends up in a ‘negative’ state (Scarface), the basic approach is, I would think, very much the same as how you develop any Protagonist character. 

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