Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bookclub @ Carr Presents Paula L. Tutman, WDIV Reporter & Author of Deadline April 15th

FREE TO THE PUBLIC! I hope to see you there!!!

As an EMMY winning high profile reporter in Detroit, Paula brings  instant credibility and a ready-made audience to the book market. Her  creative ethos, coupled with a keen ability to promote, and her  unrivaled rigorous attention to detail, provide circumstances ripe for  success.

DEADLINE is very loosely based on something that actually happened to  Paula when she was a young police reporter in Baltimore.

The Set up...PS Garrett, Detroit's top crime reporter shows up at the  scene of a double murder. Two kids are shot and killed  senselessly...it's a crime of opportunity...but what PS doesn't know is  the triggerman still lurks on the scene. While soaking up the aftermath  of his handy work, he catches a glimpse of his favorite TV reporter. He  realizes that if he keeps killing, she'll keep showing up...and  perhaps...just perhaps...one of these times she shows up to cover his  crimes, he'll get a chance to meet her...and make her his.

with Paula L. Tutman!

APRIL 15TH, 2010 6PM
The Virgil Carr Cultural Center
311 E. Grand River, Detroit, MI 48226

For more information, please call 313.289.8614 or email:  motownwriters@yahoo.com


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