Thursday, August 26, 2010

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The Breaking Point Stage Play

The Breaking Point is coming to a stage near you! The dramatic thriller that started the nationally heralded Prison Chronicles Series is taking center stage on September 25-26, 2010 at the illustrious Charles H. Wright Museum.

Written by Janaya Black and directed by Kamal Smith (Meet the Parents, Pictures on the Mantle, and Rules to the Game), this play explores the depths of the mind of a woman who is driven to do the unthinkable.

The Breaking Point stars Cherry Sparks, Dez Cortez, Jacqueline Jordan, Lynette Patrick, Michael C. Lee and Keiona Evans.
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Discounted luxury suites for this event are now available at the MGM Grand Detroit Hotel for only $189.
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Contact Information

BSE P.O. 1234 DETROIT, MI 48201 734-634-3151
Facebook:Black-Smith Enterprises

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The Breaking PointBeautiful Rage: The Break of DawnAs Told by the Other Woman

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