Friday, September 4, 2009

Learn How to Write a Mystery Novel and Finally Achieve Your Goals

Murder Mystery and Crime fiction are the genre that is the most tackled by new writers that are stepping up to the base. Are you wondering how to write a mystery novel? If you have a goal to finish a mystery novel soon, then this article is for you. The lessons and techniques of writing a mystery novel can be applied to anyone and everyone.

Whichever way you choose to present the mystery novel, we can think of at least two elements that are vital as you are writing that novel. You have characters and plot. When you first start writing that mystery novel, your mind could get so bogged down that you just walk away from that blank sheet of paper. We know this, because we have been there.

When writing a murder mystery novel, the starting of the novel should contain the development of the characters you have picked out to be in your novel. The plot is going to come later. Actually, the plot will come from one of the characters you have made in your novel.

You should think about the type of environment you are going to have in your murder mystery novel. Murder mysteries that are set during the 1930's have been done numerous of times, but they are very popular. There are hundreds of different situations that can come about in the plot. As an example, an office party, submarine, medieval banquet, a spaceship, Antarctic expedition, a cruise ship - the list an go on forever. Once you have picked out your place you are going to use for your mystery novel, you should start to think of a series of different characters. For instance, you pick a captain, that captain needs to have a backstroke to him. Let's write him as being an old-sea dog who is very demanding and is reaching retirement. The captain is afraid of the water, because his wife drowned during a boating accident. Now that you get the basics of how to write a mystery novel, it is time to get started.

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