Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mystery Scene launches a new self-pub classifieds section

This may or may not be helpful to writers in the
mystery/thriller/ crime/suspense/ noir genres, but thought I would share.
Full disclosure here, I freelance for Mystery Scene sometimes.

Mystery Scene Magazine is launching a special self-published classifieds
section specifically for self-published books/announcements as part of
their in-print classifieds expansion (that may also go online at some
point in the future).

Classified ad rates start from $20 an issue and can be placed online at
http://mysteryscene mag.com/classifi ed.php
<http://mysteryscene mag.com/classifi ed.php> . (Each issue is on
newsstands for over 2 months).

For those who don't know about Mystery Scene
<http://mysteryscene mag.com> , it is an award-winning publication
covering all things mystery, crime, suspense, noir and thriller for more
than 20 years. The audience is very targeted and, of course, made up of
book lovers/book buyers. It's the largest and most widely-read
publication for the genre with national distribution through Amazon.com,
over 1,800 Barnes & Noble, Borders, Hastings, Books-A-Million, and
Waldenbooks nationwide, 1,100 independent bookstores and newsstands
nationwide, 225 public libraries around the U.S. and Canada, etc.

Their next issue is coming out in the fall. Anyone with a relevant book
for autumn might consider it as a very affordable, but highly-effective,
very targeted way to reach mystery fans.



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